Why we started

PlacesAndPrices (Pty) Ltd started in 2010, when we noticed there was a need from Small & Medium-sized Business (SMB) for Online Support in this era of the World Wide Web. 

Not only to provide Web-, Social Media-, & eMarketing Services, but especially to provide support to our clients on behind-the-scenes activities of creating your own Online Presence.

We specialize in guiding our clients in the thought-process of creating proper Online Presence and supporting them with their Business Analyses needed for this. 

What Is Our Aim

Our Aim is to support our clients in the misty world of Online Presence, help them with their thought process on how to tackle this and organize their information flow.

This will result in a (better) Online Presence, clearer business goals and a higher return on their investment.

PlacesAndPrices wants you to have:

Your Own Place In Space.

Who Are We

The PlacesAndPrices Team is a vibrant team with love for anything online, for human interaction and for making sure our clients are as happy as can be.

Most of us are a bit OCD to the point of perfection and want to make sure the job is done to full satisfaction. To be honest: mostly to our own,  but our clients are a close second!

If you want to make us happy, than let us make sure you get the best Online Presence available!