Lockdown Special

Order, Design, Develop, Finalize & Put your Website Live NOW and only pay 3 months after the Lockdown has finished.

Get Your Own Place In Space and your webdesign done while you are Locked in your home!



  • Book your website at www.PlacesAndPrices.co.za or contact@PlacesAndPrices.co.za

  • Sign the agreed quotation before or on the last day of expected Phase 4 of Lockdown Phase 4 (31st May  2020).

  • Only pay the design & development fees 3 months after the expected end of Phase 4 of Lockdown (1st September 2020).

  • Excluding 3rd party costs (domain & hosting).

  • The website can go live any time after formal acceptance of the website.

  • Note: It is possible to put the website live without a domain and hosting. However without these, the site will not have a proper domain name and there will be some restrictions on the website.

  • The timeline for this special is:

  • Introduction: Discussion between client & PlacesAndPrices regarding the demands and requirements of the website.

  • Delivery of the contract, quotation & demo home page by PlacesAndPrices

  • Formal acceptance of quotation by client (up to the last day of expected Phase 4 of Lockdown, 31st May 2020).

  • Week 1: Delivery website template by PlacesAndPrices.

  • Week 2: Delivery all content (text, images, video’s, etc.) by the client.

  • Week 3: Process delivered content by PlacesAndPrices.

  • Week 4: Approval & Adjustment process by PlacesAndPrices and client.

  • End Week 4: Formal acceptance of website by client.

  • When the finalization of the website is delayed because of slow or no delivery by the client, this special will forfeit. The standard payment terms will come into place. (Standard payment terms: 50% at acceptance of the quote, 50% at acceptance of the website).

  • When the finalization of the website is delayed because of slow or no delivery by PlacesAndPrices, the special will still be applicable.

  • The client will decide to have the website live with or without proper hosting & domain and the time frame of this after acceptance.

  • 2 months after end of expected end of Phase 4 of Lockdown (31st July 2020), PlacesAndPrices will send out the invoice, which needs to be paid in full by the client 1 month after this (1st September 2020).

  • If the payment has not been received by PlacesAndPrices on this date, the website will be deleted.

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