Most consumers look online for information that will help them make smarter decisions. This behavior emphasizes the importance of a website for today’s businesses.

By having Online Presence by means of your website, you are able to reach more consumers around-the-clock.

Webdesign by PlacesAndPrices
Webdesign by PlacesAndPrices
Webdesign by PlacesAndPrices
Webdesign by PlacesAndPrices

More than ever before, time is now spent on Social Media. It is less about advertising but more about trying to be helpful, useful & informative and to build loyalty & trust.

Make also sure to share updates about changes relating to your products, shipping times, opening and closing hours, etc.

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It is necessary to make sure that the tone, imagery or themes of all your communication is aligned. Focus on sending updates and information that is helpful to the people you are connected with.


Let them know what is going on with your business, but also make sure you care about their own interests.

EMarketing by PlacesAndPrices

Use the power of One to empower your brand. When it comes to businesses, the power of One means One voice, One definitive aesthetic, One logo, One consensus, One mission.

To maintain One look & feel, you’ll need to create a structure that can be used again and again. The details can differ but its purpose must remain.

What People are Saying

"This looks great and I like the new website. You certainly look like the type of company we like to work with."

Sales & Marketing Manager

Nitron Racing System

Adrenalin Powersport

"Fantastic Website!"

"Lyk baie nice!!"

"Die webwerf lyk baie goed!"

Several clients 


The Look Salon


"Thats a proper website. Awesome well done."


"Impressive bud."

Webvisitors of

Adrenalin Powersport

"Hierdie nuwe website is absoluut fantasties. Baie, baie, baie dankie vir al jou harde werk en inspirasie"

"Congratulations on your new website. Nice design, good content, professional pictures. I really like it."

Meyer van Rooyen

Owner of

M&M Projects

Webvisitor of

Tank Girls

"Heel trots en blij ben ik met de nieuwe website en mijn nieuwe logo. Heel veel dank aan PlacesAndPrices. Wat een mooi proces om door te maken, het ontwikkelen van een nieuwe website en nieuw logo! Waar ben ik van en wat wil ik uitstralen?"

"I am very proud and happy with the new website and my new logo. Many thanks to PlacesAndPrices. What a beautiful process to go through, the design of a new website and logo! What is important to me and what do I want to represent?"

Tineke Boot

Owner of

Trigger Boost Consulting

Tineke Boot

Owner of 

Trigger Boost Consulting

"Strong logo which fits perfectly with your strong personality!"

"Wow, perfect fit. It radiates a lot of strength!!"

"Thanks - i really love the new site!!!!"

"Thank you for all your hard work and effort with our website!!"

Webvisitors of
Trigger Boost Consulting

Owners of

The Look Salon