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Social media is an essential piece of your Business Marketing Strategy. It helps you connect with your customers, increase awareness about your brand, & boost your leads & sales. And we help you.


South Africans spend over 8 hours a day online – and a third of that time is spent on Social Media.

We spend the 6th longest time online in the world, far more than the global  average of 6 hours and 41 minutes – and not that far below the biggest internet addicts.

Your Clients Are Online.
You Should Be Too!

Time Per Day Spent Using The Internet

Average amount of time (in hours & minutes) that internet users aged 16 to 64 spend the internet each day on any device.


South Africa stands out with 40% of the population using Social Platforms and with more time spent using this than the global average.


This means we have about 23 million people taking part of the conversation on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Make sure you take advantage of this information and join Social Media!

Time per day South Africans spend on Social Media

Average daily time (in hours & minutes) that internet users in South Africa aged 16 to 64 spend using social media.


Use social platforms to increase your reach and use these public feeds to build brand awareness and promote discovery with a broad audience.

The most used platforms in South Africa are YouTube (84%), Facebook (82%) and Instagram (54%).

The biggest age group on social media is between 18 & 35 years old.

Most Active Social Media Platforms

Most active social media platforms in percentage of internet users in South Africa who report using each platform.


How often should you actually post on social media? In short: As often as you can but always with quality content and consistently.

Stay consistent by not taking on more platforms than you can handle. Next to this, we also advice you to create & schedule your content in bulk, to save time. And to schedule your posts at optimum time.

Recommended amount of post per Social Platform

Recommended amount of post per social platform of the top 6 social platforms in South Africa.


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